Friday, January 30, 2009

The Day Before

It is 4.29 pm in sydney australia. Blistering heat (though my friends in melb and sa are doing it much worse). I am just booking travel insurance - well, still thinking about booking it to be honest. I thought i might test out a philosophy and not do the whole insurance thing. Law of attraction anyone? Do insurance sparking events happen to us because we insure in the first place? How did Columbus and Magellan and anyone on a boat back in the day manage without insurance? Who knows America may still be undiscovered to this day - Columbus could still be trying to select the best policy. I don't have anything against insurance - but if nothing does go wrong, are we then not entitled to our money back perhaps?

But then my father prompted the whole insurance convo thing and I thinking that it was God sending me a message - I reneged on my courage, i mean, opinion and now will indeed take a bite into the insurance sandwich.

I leave tomorrow to dubai. I just organised a place to stay online. I have no address except tiffany's at dubai mall and a random phone number. Something tells me that 'something' is a remiss.

From Dubai I leave for New Delhi - accomodation still pending. My whole philosophy of throwing it all to the Universe and been completely unprepared is certainly taking wings. I am petrified. I am so petrified that I don't realise that I am petrified. Yes, that scared.

I just bought a Lonely Planet Guide today priced at $52.97 - and got charged $53. Does anyone ever wonder what happens to that extra 3cents - how much do THEY really make out of US? And so much for NOT taking the tourist path. I keep telling myself that this is just in case i get 'stuck' and I will know where to find a place to stay....hmmm!!

Reading that damn book made me more scared than ever - it speaks of whacked out, maniachal taxi drivers who don't take you to your destination but to the destination they want to go to - this is puzzling. Perhaps, they missed the Taxi-driver 101 class - i.e. it is the customer that pays to get to where he/she wants to go to.

My plan for India. To be mute. I look the part but unfortunately dont speak the part. I will try this out to. Perhaps an Indian chick with Turrets to explain my occasional slips of anger, i mean emotion.

I will sign off now and update when not lazy.


  1. Yes you better take insurance -otherwise a small medical mishap and you will exhaust all your funds and credit card even before you start the trip!! The airline charges to Fiji will be remitted to your bank account this week. Enjoy the journey but be sensible about the usual precautions to take.

  2. I agree with u Nat about insurance....when I came to Aus they tricked me in signing up with Medibank by saying that I was priviledged not to have to wait as a new comer, but then I found out no one has to wait....I hate it when they lie to you to get hold of your money!!!! But I think your Dad might be right about Dubai just in case...but nothing will happen anyway.

  3. Hope you ease off that being scary soon..
    You'll enjoy India. It's just different, but you'll find humanity does have the same roots and you can certainly relate to that.
    How long r u going to hang around inIndia for anyway?

  4. Wow the train trip was interesting to say the least.....but did you know that some european trains have the same kind of system. The only difference is you don't have to squat, but it all goes on the train tracks ....
    Believe it, I lived there more than 20 years all up. Ciao Fabio

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