Saturday, December 19, 2009


Natasha wonders about Love. She has heard that Love is the ultimate substance of the Universe - on it exists everything and so logically it then is...Everything. Coming back to human life - how does love fit into everything?

I am still baffled between the different variations of love. I love my mother. I love my father. I love my brother. I love all my dogs (Twinkle and Blacky). Is love enough to sustain a relationship? Can and does love conquer all? Is not love also letting go? Is love also anger, hate and fear - how do you know which actions emanate from love - because if love is the source of all things, then are not all actions, then a manifestation of love?

Love.....Love......Love. Shakespeare give me a heads-up. But then wasn't it Shakespeare's own questions, confusion and unravelling of love that led him to create the plays, words and plots that he did?

Or is it love if I dictate it so. Simple. And applicable in all situations.

I will get back to you on this one. It may not be love that I am looking for at all. It may be certainty. Some sense of surety. Assurance. A solid, stout tree in raging tidal waters. It may purely be Logic that I yearn for, and the capacity to be. I completely underrated the existence and utility of logic. Everything is logical except when it isn't. Is logic, love?

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  1. Well love is a wired feeling. When you are loved, its very simple, beautiful and you don't want to question it at all. When you hurt, love becomes very complicated. You start to wonder, what is love made of. Is it the sacrifise? is it the need, is it the ability to forgive, or is it simply the destiny.

    I always confuced what is true love. Is it like in bollywood movies, that you can take thousand bullets and still be able to walk to get your lover? or is it what Edward Cullen and Bella had. or does it even exit.

    After living 25 years on earth, i started to realise there is only one type of unconditional love in this universe. It is the mothers love to her children. There's no logic to it. There's no reasons for it. There is no limit to it.