Monday, February 16, 2009

Delhi continued.....

I had originally planned to stay a total of a week in Delhi but I was out of that place in a day. Part escape, part fortune. The 5.2 star place I was staying in with the bucket shower also led to a meeting with a Texan lass named Lola. She was studying Indian religion in.....Japan - she herself admits that this is slightly irregular :) Lola was going to Rishikesh to meet a friend, Pawpaw. (Nb - By now you should have figured out that names are going to be changed for my stories) I have absolutely no plans for my trip - so I go where the Texan winds take me.

Our 5.2 star apartment was owned by Jojo who also had a friend, Momo. These two gentlemen were very nice and kind and bought us tandoori chicken, roti and wine and beer – dear kindred souls. So we chatted, philosophized and massaged till the wee hours on the morning. Beautiful people who I cherish and I am not saying this because this is a public blog.

So we had a day to kill in Delhi. We booked our train tix and got seriously ripped off by this pleasant faced man. Where was my intuition? His game was so sharp - I hope he had a sick mother or something for whom he really needed the money. We were then charged down by a black cow in the middle of the street. You know what your real self is like in those unexpected moments – because when that mother cow charged – I was happy to step out of the way and let it get Lola. I am so ashamed but it is the truth. And now because I am not catholic, or Buddhist or any other denomination – I have no way of saving myself for Heaven.

We checked out ChandiChowd bazaar (which I have spelt incorrectly) – this place sounds exotic doesn’t it? But really it isn’t. It was hot, bloody crowded and overpopulated with the male species. Everywhere I looked - I was locked in by people who looked like me. It was moderately scary I tell you. I have new respect for Australians living in Australia. I left that place before I arrived. Really all this about ‘experiencing life fully’ – you know what – there are just things I don’t like. I am not enlightened; that much is clear.

I could talk more about my Delhi experience – but I won't. Lola and I caught an early morning train to Rishikesh.

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