Thursday, February 26, 2009

Natasha is loving Rishikesh

In my last post, Natasha mentioned that she was going from Haridwar to Delhi; by which she meant Rishikesh instead of Delhi.

Rishikesh is guru central. Yoga, meditation and lots of 'holy' babas. I didn't participate in any of this and it feels very good. Yet I felt alive and well. It is the Ganga, mother Ganga (the Ganges river) and the strong mountains - it is still clean here so I swam in it. At first I was laughing at the tourists swimming in the river -next day I was taking a dip in it. Sometimes I am so wrong.

I have 2 minutes before my internet time runs out. 20 rupees. I am now in Rajastan but will update more on my time in Rishi.

Now time for some dhal....

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  1. Thbth.. Thbtbth... Nyah Nyah.. we are having Dhal, Chicken and Yellow Rice... Mmmmmmmmm.. how lovely. methinks i shall remember a certain natasha with each bite.. ha ha ha ha ha ha.. just kidding..
    have you thought about going upto the Ice Cave source of the Ganges.. I think the trek is about three days..
    Anyway.. keep with the flow. Miraculous learnings are on their way.. :)
    I can almost hea you say.. oh! oh!.. ha ha ha ha..
    We miss you here. I love you and make hay while the sun is asleep.. wink wink.. ;)