Friday, February 13, 2009

Doing it in Delhi

Stepped onto a jet plane from Dubai and headed off to Delhi.

In Dubai airport, had a short chat with a lovely man who said I should make my life and business about spreading the message of world brotherhood. I took this as a message from my God.

Delhi didn't disappoint. Whilst at the airport, was buying delicious Lindt chocolate when cashier tried to rip me off with my change. They went to private taxi booth also operated by airport, guy tried to rip me off also with "no change" excuse. I think it was lack of mathematical genius that saved me because I kept trying to do the maths in my head and out loud, and they thought that I was demanding the money from them. In fact - I really had no idea I was being swindled.

It took me about 5 attempts to get a taxi to take me. I also almost got my Lindt chocolate stolen - all this happening in the airport grounds. I laughed, because what else to do? Incredible India.

Got into the 'apartment' in Delhi. Very basic. Shower was a bucket and cup. Toilet - not working. But it was a place to stay and for that I was very grateful.

I am in Rishikesh now - and my internet access is running out. It is Friday 13th, 9.47 pm and I am loving India.

Be in touch soon

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