Monday, February 16, 2009

The Train Trip

So there we are Lola and I on a 6am train to Haridwar from where we will transfer to Delhi.

Sleeper class, AC section - nice seats. Not at all bad, considering I had heard some shocking stories about trains. Best things - we got warm chickpeas and roti for brekky. Doesn't sound overly yummy does it? But you know what - it was. Oh! quick note - everything we have consumed that is packaged like chips is out of the date here by about 1-2 months. At first I was shocked but I realised this only after I had eaten quite a bit. So I decided to close my eyes and radiate beautiful love energy to protect myself - failing that. I had the options of making myself vomit, (the other back option) or rely on my travel insurance.

Oh! I also forgot 2 things. Rewind to Delhi - we met 3 polish backpackers who were a lot of fun. And I bought a phone in Delhi - which was a bit of a mission I tell you. Vodafone, nokia - my long and trusted allies. For future reference if you want to buy a phone in India you need to have the numbers of two people in India who can vouch for you. I had Jojo and Momo.

In Indian trains - the toiletting is...well, let's say natural. There is a hole in the toilet/squat - and the hole falls away to the rail tracks taking with it...well, i hope you get the picture. Lola and I didn't know this till a little too late. The smart thing = poo whilst train moving. We didn't. When we stopped at a station, we decided to do our thing. So I went, Then she went. She did a poo. The poo entered the toilet hole. Then proceeded down the hole to the railtrack with the poo paper. Next to the track are people - sitting down on the seats directly facing the dropping poo. So a lot of people got very acquainted with Lola very quickly through this process. There are special people designated to clean the poo from the tracks. I felt real gratitude for my life at this point of realisation. I have nothing to complain about. I did not poo during the rest of my journey.


  1. hope you are falling in love with India. Are you still in rishikesh? i get there evening 22nd-27th; delhi o/night 20th, 21st. good thing u recorded this bcoz u won't recall the poo stories as everything else is so beautiful.

  2. Ah, Indian train toilets, once experienced never forgotten ! 2nd Class non-air-con is particularly burned into my memory. It still amazes me where people can manage to get their poo. What on earth do they do in there, stand on their heads and fire their poo at the ceiling ? Hope you enjoy Rishikesh, i left fairly quickly, too many people trying to give me a hug.